• F.A.D.R.S.

    One of the largest barriers to enrolling in DR programs is the concern over the comfort of the occupants of a building. This is a valid concern that businesses, hospitals, and even some colleges and universities have not been able to overcome, blocking or limiting their enrollment in DR programs. This was the impetus behind the development of FADRS®.
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  • Reduced Consumption

    However, the greatest savings comes from using FADRS® to save energy ALL THE TIME outside of events. This energy savings is not just limited to electricity, but includes oil, gas, propane and other fuels, and even water..
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  • Automated Demand Response

    Earn from the Electric Grid with Automated Demand Response through F.A.D.R.S® and human centric controls.
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  • Award Winning

    FADRS®, was the winner of the 2010 Energy Innovation Award by the United States Green Building Council NJ Chapter and won the US Department of Commerce New York Regional Minority Enterprise Development (MED) Award!
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FADRS® Painless Demand Response™

FADRS® is a dynamic self-healing Smart Grid Technology solution implementing Artificial Intelligence software to allow FULLY Automatic participation in Demand Response programs even where participation had not been possible or posed productivity issues. The system is designed to deliver the following benefits:

• Significant Monetary Savings
• Maximized Demand Response Revenues
• Fully Automate Demand Response Participation
• Major Reduction in Energy Use
• Maintain Occupant Comfort Levels
• Help with Power Grid Reliability and Stability
• Reduce Carbon Footprint
• Global Environmental Benefits

What is Demand Response

Demand response programs exist in energy markets across North America, and each region has opportunities that help meet their unique energy reduction goals. This is actually an "insurance policy" for the ISO that they can rely on during the hottest, most humid summer days when the demand for electricity approaches the available supply.

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What is Smart Grid?

The goal to developing a "Smart Grid" is to upgrade our electric grid to be more efficient, more reactive to real-time grid conditions, and promote more sophisticated demand management strategies. Commercial & Industrial implementation of Demand Response are the most effective form of smart grid implementations, and among the most complex. 

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